We are Adeona

Your partner for product information management

Adeona was founded to facilitate the everyday work of marketers. In the very beginning, it was all about publishing databases and letting computers do the boring and error-prone part of the product communication process.

With the accumulated experience (and a couple of experiments that were clearly ahead of their time), we understood that the future is data-based. Structured, high-quality and context-related product information is the key to success for many teams and organizations.

Today, we work at the forefront of digital commerce and help our customers turn their product knowledge into their competitive advantage. The core idea of ​​finding smarter ways of working and ideal roles between software and people has defined our journey through the years, from multi-channel publishing to process optimization and product experience management.

Adeona Oy (formerly Canter) is a software company belonging to the Etola Group. Our customers are major companies in the industry, trade and service sector.

Our competitive advantage

Our own Finnish product

We know our customers. We serve them from Finland and constantly listen to the wishes of the customer and user community, and continuously improve our user experience and customer support. In this way, we are even more useful to our customers than the big global players.


A long-term and committed owner brings us security and helps Adeona to be the best possible work community for our skilled professionals. In this way, they can focus on the long-term development of our customers' business and building sustainable partnerships.


We focus on one thing and want to become the best at it. The predictability and continuity of our operations bring peace of mind to the customer. Support for technical solutions and the use of services is readily available, and the costs, human resources or schedules will never surprise you.

Wooly socks and office dogs

Our competent team is an important asset for us. The relaxed atmosphere of our office promotes creativity, cooperation and learning new things. Our internal motto "wooly socks and office dogs" says it best: we're easy to approach - whether you're a new team member, partner or customer.

We want to do our part to build a sustainable future. Digital commerce can save time, money, the environment – and nerves. Commercial product information management, when managed correctly, is one way to produce sustainable solutions: when correct and up-to-date product information is fed from the same source to several places at once, duplicate work is reduced. The number of customer returns also decreases with the improved quality of product information.

"We enjoy solving customers' complicated challenges and making everyday life smoother. Our operating philosophy is to offer all our know-how to the customer and to build cooperation in an open and long-term way - from person to person. High customer satisfaction is a matter of honor for us."

Patrik Palatz
CEO, Adeona Oy

Sustainable development includes sharing knowledge and know-how. We are happy to hire students, for example for part-time work, to grow into product information management professionals to ensure quality solutions in the future as well.

We encourage our experts to deepen their expertise, for example by organizing regular afternoons to share knowledge and by participating in various events. 

Economically, we are a profitable and steadily growing company, backed by a financially sound owner.

There are already a couple dozen of us Adeonians, and we are still growing. Our goal is to create uncomplicated, long-term cooperation projects with each other, our customers and our partners!

Our values

We are committed.

To us, commitment means that we start things today that will have value tomorrow. It also means close and long-term cooperation in order to save our customers' limited resources - not only financial, but also time, nerves and natural resources. Instead of quick profits, we strive to build long-term partnerships based on co-operation.

We are relaxed and matter-of-fact.

Even though we are top experts in our field, we know how to explain our activities in an interesting and comprehensible way even to those who are less knowledgeable about technology. We do what we promise and we also tell difficult things like they are, honestly and without twists.

We are constantly developing.

Development is the basis of all our activities, both for our products and our know-how and service. We strive to be a little better every day. Although we have full confidence in our know-how and our product, we constantly want to learn from our customers, who are the best experts in their own business and target group.

Product information management with solid professional skills and a good partner network

We are an uncomplicated and appropriately sized expert organization. We take over projects in an agile manner and complete things in a straightforward manner according to our customers' wishes.

We want to be the best possible partner for our customers in the area we have chosen. We are known for our professional competence, uncompromising attitude and creativity. Our customer relationships are typically long, so we get to know our customers well and understand how we can serve them the best.

An important part of our service package is our extensive partner network, with whom we implement solutions that guarantee a good customer experience. We cooperate seamlessly with numerous providers of content services, online services, operational management, product information, and sales solutions. This enables our customers to have a compatible solution package, all parts of which work smoothly.