Customer stories


Adeona Oy and Taito United Oy responded together to Saarioinen's needs. The companies designed and built in close cooperation a service which made the work of experts more efficient with the help of artificial intelligence and smart information management.


Martela participated in the development of the new Adeona Media Bank. The goal was to create an image bank that would be as user-friendly as possible and easy to maintain. The end result was a perfect match for the distribution of the materials.

Laattapiste-Pukkila Oy

Laattapiste-Pukkila Oy invests in product information based on the master data principle. The roads of Adeona and Laattapiste-Pukkila met for the first time in 2016. At that time, however, cooperation was not started, because the Adeona PIM then did not meet all of Laattapiste's requirements. Six years later, the situation was different.


FSM Oy found everything it needed in Adeona PIM. Processing and enriching product information has become much easier.

Reka Cable

For Reka Cables, it is important to deliver information to customers exactly in the form they need it. With Adeona PIM, up-to-date information flows through all channels.

Marketing director Mirja Serkelä, Hedengren


Hedengren is a security and building technology importer and expert that manufactures and imports leading brands of security technology systems. Hedengren has been a user of Adeona PIM product information management for more than a dozen years.

Orient Occident

The Adeona system is a central part of Orient Occident's product information management. Adeona enriches the product information by adding the products' technical data, care instructions, installation instructions and fire safety classes - everything that interior decoration professionals need.