Customer experiences

Reka Cable

For Reka Kaapel, it is important to deliver information to customers exactly in the form they need it. With Adeona PIM, up-to-date information flows through all channels.

Marketing director Mirja Serkelä, Hedengren


Hedengren is a security and building technology importer and expert that manufactures itself and imports leading brands of security technology systems. Hedengren has been a user of Adeona PIM product information management for twenty years.

Orient Occident

The Adeona system is a central part of Orient Occident's product information management. Adeona enriches the product information by adding the products' technical data, care instructions, installation instructions and fire safety classes - everything that interior decoration professionals need.


The retailers' online store planned for KoneBoss needed supporting software which would enable the refinement of product information and the smooth management of product images.


Stala wanted to improve and clarify product information management and transfer resources to more productive and meaningful work instead of mechanical searching and checking. The ease of use and modern user interface of the Adeona PIM system piqued the interest of the people of Stala.


With the help of the Adeona PIM software, Meltex has made the product information management process more efficient and got rid of the duplicate updating of products to different channels and materials in one fell swoop.


Martela's versatile solutions require a high-quality background system so that customers, partners and designers always have accurate product information at their disposal.