Our expert services


Our customer satisfaction in consulting projects is top class. We focus on the customer's needs, whether it's a small preliminary study or a survey of a larger entity.

We have extensive and long-term experience not only in product information management, but also in broader entities, such asheadless architectures, composable commerce or digital commerce solutions.  

We don't do things just to practice; we deliver according to the agreement.

PIM Pre-studies

The survey project deals with:

  • Information flows and basic processes related to the management and publication of product information and the role of the PIM solution as part of the product information process
  • Practical work with a PIM solution
  • Publication channels, their management and the requirements they set for a PIM solution


We know that concrete examples make it easier to understand what the PIM system does and how it works. Therefore, as part of the pre-study, the Adeona PIM demo environment will also be set up and the data models of a few selected sample products will be modeled there and the sample data will be enriched for the items.

Working time for the project should be reserved for a few personal working days for each key person. As a whole, the preliminary study will take a couple of months.

We can implement the pre-definition phase technology- and system-independently, which enables separate tendering of the system solution.

More information about the preliminary study: PIM Pre-Study

 Implementation projects

We carry out implementations based on our strong experience. A designated project manager is responsible for proceeding according to the plan.

  • Definition: in a couple of short workshops, we map out the overall solution, key processes, product data models, channels, integrations and other necessary sections together.
  • Technical implementation: in this phase PIM is configured, product data models are established and integrations are created and tested.
  • Introduction: finally we train the main users. After that, the product information is exported to Adeona PIM either purely by the customer or jointly.


In addition, throughout the implementation phase, we document the implemented solution with its integrations.

A recipe for success

We live and breathe the success of our customers. We cooperate very closely with our customers and develop our products for the customers' business.

Thanks to our more than 20 years of experience, our expertise and knowledge of product information management processes, technologies and customer needs on both the B2C and B2B side is strong. We are happy to share all of our best practices for the benefit of our customers.

We ourselves own the IPR rights for what we do, so we have full control over the Adeona PIM product. We are constantly moving the product forward together with our customers through our user community, Adeona Community. 

Adeona Community

Our user community Adeona Community is very active. We involve our customers in our regular workshops, where we gather ideas and feedback on the planned features. Community influences the Adeona PIM roadmap and affects the features and usability of new products.  

In the Community you can also network with other Adeona PIM users. Users praise that they received excellent usage tips from other users at our workshops and other events. 

Our competitive advantage

Our own Finnish product

We know our customers. We serve them from Finland and constantly listen to the wishes of the customer and user community, and continuously improve our user experience and customer support. In this way, we are even more useful to our customers than the big global players.


A long-term and committed owner brings us security and helps Adeona to be the best possible work community for our skilled professionals. In this way, they can focus on the long-term development of our customers' business and building sustainable partnerships.


We focus on one thing and want to become the best at it. The predictability and continuity of our operations bring peace of mind to the customer. Support for technical solutions and the use of services is readily available, and the costs, human resources or schedules will never surprise you.